Minceur & AmincissementWhat is it?
Lipocryotherapy or cryolipolysis (Lipocontrast) is a new technology that selectively reduces localised fatty tissue by using non-invasive cold therapy.

How does it work?

The technique is based on detailed medical studies. The session consists of applying a shell that covers the fatty tissue that you want to reduce. This area is “sucked” into the shell and the cryolipolysis (cold therapy) begins, reaching a very low temperature of 3°C.

The fat cells (adipocytes) found in this tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids, which make them particularly sensitive to cold temperatures. In comparison, neighbouring elements such as blood vessels, the peripheral nervous system and cells low in fat are much less sensitive to cold. This feature enables the natural break down of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue.

How does it eliminate fat cells?

Here is the process in which Lipocontrast breaks down fat cells:

  • Directly by crystallisation, followed by apoptosis (programmed cell death by cold) and gradual dissolution of the cell with a measured release of lipids during a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Indirectly by lipolysis induced by stimulating the central nervous system.

How many sessions of Lipocryotherapy – Lipocrast are required?

Depending on the depth of the fatty tissue and how much you would like reduce, it will take between 1 to 3 sessions.

What results can I expect and how soon?

According the initial depth of the fatty tissue, the average loss will be between 3 to 15mm, which corresponds to a percentage between 25% and 45% of your fatty tissue.

Approximately 40% of the treatment’s outcome will be visible after 15 days; however, it will take at least 4 weeks to evaluate the average results and decide whether or not to schedule another appointment.

Who is the best Lipocontrast candidate?

Cryolipolysis is particularly appropriate for localised and limited adipocytes such as fatty tissue on the stomach, waist, hips and back.

What should I expect before and after the session?

The process is virtually painless. You may feel some stretching in the area where the suction occurs as well as a localised cold sensation, especially at the beginning of the session.

– Cold therapy during Lipcontract is preceded by a 10-minute hot period to soften the fat so that it can be easily cooled during the second half of the session.

– Usually, there is redness and numbing in the area, which can last up to 2 hours after the session.

– Rarely, a small hematoma may appear, which will be reabsorbed in a few days. You can resume your normal activities without any discomfort immediately after the session.

Are the results final?

First, adipocytes eliminated by Lipocontrast gradually release their fat, and then are definitively absorbed by your natural metabolism.

FEES: €200 per area, €150 for the second area

A video explaining the technique:

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