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Located at the gates of Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt, Le Centre Esthétique opened its doors in January 2000. This 160 m2 space, which includes 8 rooms dedicated to well-being and beauty, offers unique aesthetic treatments for the face, body reshaping techniques and also laser sessions using the latest technology machines. Professional and efficient, the specialists in the aesthetic field of the practice adapt to the objectives and needs of each patient.

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Natural Aesthetics

Our aesthetic philosophy: "Correct without over-correcting, treat with balance, harmony and respect for your natural beauty, get closer to your most beautiful state, healthy, fresh and confident. »

Our objective, your satisfaction

The whole team of the Centre remains at your disposal in order to meet your expectations with a smile, professionalism and objective advice in line with your needs for naturalness and perfection, your requirements.

A professional medical team

The Aesthetic Center respects all quality and safety standards. It guarantees maximum efficiency by entrusting only laser treatments (hair removal, tattoo removal and slimming) to qualified and experienced laser doctors. The practice is also committed to respecting the different stages of care necessary to achieve the desired result with gentleness and performance.

Care that is both demanding and safe

All treatments are systematically preceded by a free assessment. Estimates are also free, the time between the consultation and the treatment and the traceability of each product used are respected. Each product is CE marked and the patient will have a copy of the products injected.

Medical news

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A medical team

dedicated to your complete satisfaction

The Centre's team, composed of 7 qualified aesthetic doctors, 4 endermologists and 2 assistants, is at your disposal to meet your expectations with a smile, professionalism and to advise you on your objectives in line with your needs for naturalness and perfection. The aesthetic philosophy of the Centre is based on your requirements but also on the natural beauty of your features, markers of your uniqueness.
The practice's leitmotif is all the more telling: "Correct without overcorrecting, treat with balance, harmony and respect for your natural beauty, get closer to your most beautiful state, in full health and confidence. »


A regular and personalized follow-up


The team of professionals is at your disposal for a personalized follow-up. A doctor is available 24/7 in case of need. In order to be as close as possible to the demands and needs of its patients, the doctors regularly follow ongoing medical training and participate in team meetings to discuss certain clinical cases or to exchange information on the techniques of the practice.

The Centre Esthétique will welcome you with care for your next appointment!

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Contact the ESthétique centre

55 Boulevard Jean Jaurès
92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Monday - Friday:  9 – 20 h

Saturday: 9 am - 7 pm

COVID 19 recommendations for your appointment


The Centre is open respecting all health rules to protect you and the medical and paramedical team. To organize your next appointment in complete safety, you will find the recommendations for your next appointment as well as a health questionnaire to download here .

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