Aging hands - what can be done about it?

Fighting hand aging with beauty care is possible!

Rejuvenate your hands in a snap of the fingers, which is what we all wish for as time goes by. Hands are the first telltale sign of age since they are the first to be affected by external aggression. If you have the impression that daily care is no longer enough to maintain their youthfulness, why not turn to beauty treatments adapted to fight against hand aging?

Aging hands, what does that mean?

Hands are a real asset of seduction. Imagine a first date over a glass: hands will be solicited to hold the glass of champagne under the eye of your beloved ! If you intend to untie yourself for a few years simply by coquetry, your hands will speak for you! But rest assured, you are not alone. In addition to a date, learn how to take care of your hands on a daily basis for your personal comfort but also to anticipate the effects of age.

And know that no one can escape it! But it is possible to postpone the effects of time wisely! The aging of the hands translates into various physical signs. Pigmentation spots and skin refinement, linked to the loss of fat and dehydration of the skin, may appear. Also, small veins may be more visible with age. If the skin cells recycle themselves every 28 days, this cycle becomes longer and longer to 30 days or more.

The ageing of the hands is also the result of several years of exposure to the sun during the holidays but also the non-negligible consequence of several years of manual work. Contact with household products or water can increase their awareness. Cellular ageing is likely to make your hands unsightly. It is therefore necessary to take care of them on a daily basis and why not give them a dose of freshness through beauty care.

How can you give your hands a boost?

To sublimate your hands in spite of the inconveniences of time, an adapted process can be advised. It consists of superficial injections of hyaluronic acid to improve the thickness of the skin, the hydration of the tissues and reduce the vision of the small veins. The treatment is carried out using tiny needles, which makes the procedure almost painless. If you are tired of spreading moisturising or anti-ageing creams on your hands, start as soon as a slight change in the skin appears.

Mature patients may turn to a highly volumizing hyaluronic acid to restore the pulpy side of the hands. Younger patients will have the option of opting for a low-volume but highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid called the skinbooster. Intended for women between 25 and 30 years old, it will then act as an adapted treatment in the prevention of cellular ageing and will improve the quality and tone of the skin. No need to wait for the first wrinkles to consider an anti-aging skin treatment. Depending on the importance of the treatment, a session will be recommended every 6 months and regular maintenance will be required.

Don't let the quality of your hands give you a complex. If you feel the need to give them a refreshing boost to make them firmer and more toned, try an appropriate treatment that will sublimate their natural beauty.