Treating Insomnia with Luxopuncture

Treat insomnia with luxopuncture!

Sleeping well is essential for good health! Sleep allows you to recover from mental and physical illness. It is a real regeneration system for our organs, skin and muscles and also allows us to eliminate toxins. To fight against sleep disorders and insomnia, the care called luxopuncture will help to slow down anxiety and compulsive disorders.

Why is sleep fundamental?

Balanced sleep is necessary and essential to relieve stress management, one of the causes of insomnia. Indeed, the cycle of production of serotonin and melatonin, which regulate sleep, can be disrupted by our modern life punctuated by noise, stress and sometimes poor diet.

Sleep disorders are sometimes difficult to manage and cause other problems throughout your day or even in your daily life. Additional anxiety, added to the fatigue that builds up, sets in and causes unusual behaviour. In short, it's time to find a solution to overcome these insomnia problems once and for all.

What's luxopuncture?

Luxopuncture is a particularly effective treatment for anxiety, compulsive disorders and sleep disorders. This natural acupuncture-based method is performed without needles. Indeed, this technique acts on the balance of the body at the level of the hormonal system. Precise skin areas are targeted by infrared radiation to stimulate them. If the reflex points are awakened, luxopuncture also helps to restore the harmony of an organ.

Luxopuncture is a real help since it promotes relaxation and well-being in the long term. This gentle, natural and painless technique releases tension for a state of relaxation. A better concentration and a general appeasement facilitate a serene daily state. Do not hesitate to consult to alleviate your anxieties. One session per week for seven weeks in general will be recommended.

luxopuncture session for sleep disordersHow does a luxopuncture session take place?

Before starting the first stimulations, the practitioner will define the number of sessions necessary according to the patient's problems. Once this stage has been completed, the practitioner will stimulate around thirty reflex points towards the hormonal system, the lymphatic system or the digestive system. A session lasts about 30 minutes. This technique will release tensions by improving the perspective of daily life, mood and concentration capacity. It will promote the ability to fall asleep in order to regain a feeling of calm and appeasement.

Also, its action on reflex points regulates sleep cycles by acting on the production of serotonin and melatonin. This is an essential aspect of our biological clock since this melatonin/serotonin couple allows the maintenance of a good balance between the phases of wakefulness and sleep. Luxopuncture is not suitable for pregnant women or young children unless advised by a doctor.

In case of recurrent sleep disorders, do not hesitate to consult us to consider a small relaxing cure in sight!