The stretch mark treatment

Stretch markCorps laser


The problem of stretch marks is common to many patients during stages of post puberty or after pregnancy.

To efficiently respond to this specific issue, we provide two different treatments:



Laser dermabrasion : dermabrasion using a Revlite laser, removing the first few top layers of the skin. This technique gradually and efficiently eliminates stretch marks.

Carboxytherapy : treatment that consists of injecting safe medical carbon dioxide under the skin using a very fine needle. Within the skin, the carbon dioxide is transformed into oxygen (by the Bohr Effect). This oxygen will regenerate tissue and produce more collagen, thereby reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

This technique is fast, simple and painless and leads to remarkable results. It can also be used on legs, the buttocks or breasts.

You will gradually see and appreciate the impressive results after each session. We often combine laser dermabrasion and carboxytherapy techniques.