taritement des rides du visageMesolift Skinbooster


Those who spend a lot of time in the sun are familiar with these unsightly wrinkles that ruin the neckline. Mesolift involves injecting small doses of specific products that are specifically adapted your skin along wrinkles and over the entire face.

Mesolift, also known as the “skinbooster“, is the ideal anti-aging treatment. Don’t wait until your first wrinkles appear before considering an anti-aging skin care.

The products used make up a nutritional and revitalising cocktail:

– Vitamins, trace elements, minerals and products stimulating microcirculation. These products add oxygen to the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, revitalizing the skin.
– Hyaluronic acid re-inflates and deeply rehydrates the skin.

You will notice results starting from the very first session: skin, tighter and better moisturized, becomes firmer. Gradually from one session to another, your skin tightens and takes on a healthy glow.

Mesolift treats the entire face, neck, chest and neckline.

Sessions lasts 20 minutes. For the best results, we recommend 4 sessions scheduled approximately 15 days apart.

MESOLIFT CARE FEES: €140 – 200 per session