Radiofrequency Freeze

LEGACY VISAGERadiofrequency Legacy

From age 35, the face starts to show its first signs of sagging skin.

To get around this phenomenon, Le Centre is equipped with FREEZE – LEGACY octopolar radiofrequency. It is the leading treatment for preventing facial skin from sagging.


FREEZE – LEGACY radiofrequency:

– Restructures existing collagen and elastin

FREEZE – LEGACY radiofrequency tightens your skin (collagen, elastin) making your it thicker and firmer for younger and smoother look.

– Produces collagen and elastin:

FREEZE – LEGACY radiofrequency stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for younger-looking skin.


– Encourages cell growth:

FREEZE – LEGACY radiofrequency stimulates the formation of new blood vessels under the skin for optimal drainage of toxic wastes and a higher inflow of minerals, vitamins and oxygen to revive your skin!

FREEZE – LEGACY radiofrequency is therefore an excellent alternative for patients who do not wish or wish to delay to the time to have facial surgery.


Treatment protocol:
– 2 sessions per week during the first two weeks, then
– 1 session per week for four weeks

Follow up sessions are recommended (1 follow up session every 4 to 8 weeks)


FEES: 8 sessions for €750 (€110 per session)