Needle-free treatment for all addictions

Luxopuncture to combat addiction


Luxopuncture is a technique practiced in the Centre which treats many problems and symptoms without needles. It is a technique similar to acupuncture but without the risk of pain or side effects.

This technique uses an infrared process on the targeted nerve centres.

Luxopuncture acts on :
- Smoking cessation
- Overweight
- Menopausal discomfort
- Relaxation (sleep disturbance, stress ...)

Luxopuncture smoking cessation


The cure consists of 5 sessions (1 per day) to help the smoker during the withdrawal period, followed by a 3-month follow-up.

The cure is to be started when the patient is really ready and willing in his approach.

Luxopunture in the context of this indication will benefit :

  • To help the smoker to improve his well-being in order to alleviate smoking compulsions (irrepressible need to smoke).
  • A soothing effect is also sought, to help combat the effects of withdrawal: nervousness, irritability and excess appetite.
  • To reduce the irritation of the ENT sphere (sinuses, taste buds, throat...) caused by cigarette smoke.

Then, recommendation and digitopuncture sheets help the former smoker to manage daily life in case of temporary compulsion (habits, stress, entourage...).

In case of difficulties, and if the person feels that he or she is going to "crack", one or two interview sessions are recommended.

Scientific Assessments :

The study carried out by an independent CRO (Clinic Research Office) TEREO INTERNATIONAL notes the following results:

STOP TOBACCO (out of 188 topics) :
Average number of sessions per subject: 3 (maximum 5)
Smoking cessation after the treatment: 90.5%.
Satisfaction of subjects who have quit smoking: 99.2%.
Average duration of consumption stoppage: 4.4 years

Duration of the treatment :

5 consecutive days and 3 months of follow-up.

Fee for the cure of 5 sessions: 250 €.

Luxopuncture to lose weight Paris


Luxopuncture sessions aim to help the person undergoing treatment to re-establish a true psychological and physical well-being by intervening on the functions of the organism that manage our attitude towards food.

Depending on the expected support, the cures are based on 3 to 20 sessions. Totally natural and painless, the treatments are without any medical risk. The body does not receive any substance. The treatments are relatively quick as an appointment lasts 30 minutes on average.

The only way to lose excess weight is to adopt a dietary rebalancing that controls overall caloric intake. Then, to stabilize weight over the long term, the diet must correspond to the body's dietary needs.

Difficulties encountered

Two difficulties arise when a person decides to lose weight:

  • The first is to change your eating habits and not get discouraged until you reach your target weight.
  • The second is to stabilize the weight over time, i.e. to maintain your new eating habits.

Part of the reason for these difficulties may be that, in the process of losing excess weight, a person's willpower is at odds with the frustrations they have experienced.

More often than not, good resolutions are quickly abandoned.

These frustrations would be linked to food addictions: excessive appetite, cravings and compulsions (irrepressible need for snacking, sweetness, fat, chocolate...).

Luxopuncture sessions are intended to help reduce the feeling of hunger, food compulsions and to provide a relaxing effect.

It is also quite possible to combine this with a visit to a nutritionist to take advantage of this period to relearn how to eat.

Duration of the treatment :

1 to 2 sessions per week.

The recommended number of sessions varies according to the weight to be lost.

Maintenance sessions: 2 sessions every 3 to 6 months

Luxopuncture to help during menopause paris


Menopause is a natural and unavoidable phenomenon in women's lives.

This stage generally occurs between the ages of 47 and 51 and can be broken down into two phases:

  • Before menopause, pre-menopause, for 2 to 7 years. During this period, ovulation becomes irregular, first of all there is a drop in progesterone production, which may cause weight gain, retention or swelling of the breasts. Estrogen levels decrease more slowly but can vary sharply, causing uncomfortable problems such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood changes, etc.
  • After menopause, the post-menopause, when estrogen production ceases completely.
    More than 50% of these women experience these inconveniences.

Luxopuncture aims to alleviate the discomfort of pre-menopause:

  • Hot flashes and sweating
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue and irritability

The Luxopuncture cure, thanks to its natural action, has the advantage of no medical risk or undesirable side effects. There is no interaction with a possible ongoing treatment.

Duration of the treatment: 1 session per week for 7 weeks.
Maintenance sessions: 3 sessions every 6 months

Luxopuncture Paris


Many relaxation techniques are being developed but generally only provide ephemeral relaxation.

The Luxopuncture cure aims to help the person to relax and also to regain true well-being in the long term.

With this gentle, natural and painless technique, the practitioner seeks to release tension through a relaxing action. The following are also sought: a general appeasement, an improvement in sleep, an increased capacity for concentration and a better retreat from daily life, an attenuation of psychosomatic manifestations such as lumbago, cervical pain...

> Duration of the cure: 1 session per week for 7 weeks.
> Maintenance sessions: 2 sessions every 3 to 6 months