COVID 19: Recommendations for your future appointment

After this period of containment related to VIDOC 19, the Centre Esthétique should reopen its doors on May 11, unless the government announces otherwise. You have an appointment at the Centre Esthétique, we are happy to welcome you and see you again.

However, in a will to guarantee a perfect security for you and our teamwe're going to ask you to respect certain rules and regulations. barrier gestures :

For all patients:

  • Coming to the office with a mask
  • Bring your pen
  • Do not come accompanied (e)
  • If you see that there are too many people at the reception desk, we'll set up one or two chairs outside to wait.
  • Don't crowd the reception desk.
  • Keep a distance between you

gelhydroalcoholic gel The beauty centre

COVID 19 - Do not come if you are in one of the following cases:

Yes, you do:

  • Had symptoms of Covid 19 less than a month ago.
  • Have had recent contact with a person who has been infected with coronavirus.
  • Cough again or are out of breath
  • Have feverish peaks and/or aches and pains.
  • Feel unusual fatigue
  • Lost your sense of smell or taste
  • Have a sore throat
  • Have digestive problems
  • Have unusual skin manifestations
  • Positive serology on Covid 19 less than a month ago.

Mandatory Health Questionnaire

Please print out the mandatory medical questionnaire to be presented at the reception desk before your treatment.

Very important:

For patients undergoing laser treatment:

  • Be careful not to get a tan on the areas to be treated (it was sunny during the confinement !!!)

For hyaluronic acid injection patients:

  • If you have been affected and have had symptoms of Covid 19, the injections should be delayed for one month after the last symptoms. It appears that there is residual inflammation after Covid 19.