Universkin: tailor-made cosmetology

Universkin: cosmetology made for me

UNIVERSKIN: The creation of your customised cosmetology

For the first time in patient care, we are developing universkin cosmetology serums adapted to each skin type.

An innovative approach to improve skin function beyond its appearance.

Scientific studies by the Universkin laboratory, founder of Functional Dermatology, have proven that the aim of anti-ageing serums was to target cutaneous INFLAMMATION, a major cause of Hyper-reactivity and Aging of the skin.

Skin inflammation is a complex process and, as a result of :

  • Imbalance of the natural defences, linked to chronological ageing,
  • Deregulation and degradation of natural defences, induced by modern life: UV, tobacco, stress, food, pollution...

The aim of Functional Dermatology is to help the skin to :

  • Rebalance his natural defenses,
  • Repair and Prevent its malfunctions.

Ethics is at the heart of Universkin's values.

Universkin products are particularly effective on problem skin, but have a real action on normal to combination skin. Today there are 1100 different formulas available. We will prepare the formula that suits you best.

The advantage is that over time, it will be possible to adapt the preparation to the changes in your skin.

High quality ingredients, without superfluous, in perfect osmosis with the skin.
For Universkin, the essential is the product and its function.

The main indications of this range are :

  • Acne
  • Tasks
  • Rosacea and chronic skin inflammation
  • Drought
  • Increased sebum production
  • ….

We carry out a complete check-up of your skin at the practice and you leave with your personalized serum.

During this check-up, we will analyse your skin with the help of the Ioma Sphere, a maintenance will be carried out by a Universkin specialist.


It is also possible to carry out your pre-balance online at my personalised balance sheet

iomasphere assessment

The personalized therapeutic serum will be to be used directly. One serum has a capacity for 45 days of treatment.

A control visit will be made every 45 days to follow the evolution of your skin.

During this visit, we will give you the same serum or, if necessary, it will be possible to change its composition.


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