limiting hair loss with mesotherapy

Limiting hair loss with mesotherapy

The hair has a privileged place in seduction relationships. And beyond that, its quality is a sign of good health or not. Hair loss can be due to various reasons: it can be hormonal issues or premature signs of ageing. The mesotherapy can be an effective solution to hair loss. hair loss.

Why does hair fall out?

We lose between 50 and 100 hairs per daySome of us lose a little more, depending on the type of hair and the season, age or even heredity. Autumn is a known season for hair loss due to hormonal variations and light. Periods of stress, pregnancy or the menopause can cause hair loss in women, for example.

If hair loss appears to be too extensive, it is advisable to consult a professional in order to regain healthier and thicker hair. Some tips can prevent hair loss such as local care or products rich in vitamins and minerals. 

treating hair with mesotherapy

Why opt for mesotherapy?

Used for years in the United States and Europe to treat hair losshair loss, hair hair mesotherapy consists of carrying out superficial micro-injections, containing active principles, in the scalp. This method, which can be used for all types of hair, acts as a biological booster on the hair and immediately slows down hair loss since the nutrients are placed directly into the bulb without passing through the bloodstream.

This clever mixture containing minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, among others, will act at the level of the scalp and stimulate the mesoderm, which will help to relieve many ailments but also to enhance the beauty of your hair. 


When to opt for mesotherapy? 

The mesotherapy for hair is one of the most effective solutions for stimulating tired, weakened or dehydrated hair because it acts directly at the source: around the hair follicle.

The hair will be stronger, shinier, denser and healthier, especially as the blood circulation will also be stimulated. The hair mesotherapy is often recommended after a hair transplant to strengthen the grafts but also to prevent baldness.

beautiful hair with mesotherapy

How does a mesotherapy session work?

This technique must be performed by an aesthetic doctor. It is essential to have an initial consultation so that the doctor can explain the complete treatment protocol and the patient can state his or her objectives. 

The specific solution is injected directly into the scalp using micro-needles so fine that the patient will not feel any pain, except for a few tingles. The patient can go about his or her business immediately after the session. The professional often prescribes about ten sessions spaced out over a week.

In case of hair loss, this solution can be considered. Do not hesitate to consult a professional.