Hair mesotherapy at the Boulogne Billancourt medical aesthetic center

Strengthen your hair with mesotherapy!

Hormonal imbalances, stress, slowed blood circulation or lack of nutrients can affect hair health. To improve their natural growth and quality, hair mesotherapy will be the ideal beauty solution.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Used for years in the United States and Europe to compensate for hair loss, mesotherapy consists of superficial micro-injections containing active ingredients in the scalp. This method is possible for all hair types. It will act as a biological booster on the hair and will immediately slow down its loss. Indeed, the nutrients are directly placed in the bulb without passing through the blood.

This "vitamin cocktail" containinghyaluronic acidThe combination of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, among others, will act on the scalp and stimulate the mesoderm, which will help to relieve many ailments but also to sublimate the beauty of your hair.

How does a hair mesotherapy session take place?

The hair mesotherapy technique must be performed by a cosmetic doctor. It will be essential to make a first consultation. The doctor will then explain the complete treatment protocol so that the patient can share his or her objectives.

To do this, the specific solution will be injected directly into the scalp using micro-needles so fine that no pain will be detected by the patient, except for a few tingling sensations. He will be able to go about his business directly after the session. The professional often prescribes four sessions spaced 15 days apart and then a maintenance session at the rate of one session per month.

What are the results to be envisaged?

The results appear more or less quickly depending on the patient. They will often be conclusive within two to three months after the start of treatment. In any case, hair mesotherapy is one of the most effective solutions to the stimulation of tired, weakened or dehydrated hair. It will act directly at the source: around the hair follicle.

The hair will be stronger, shinier, denser and healthier, especially as the blood circulation will also be stimulated. Hair mesotherapy is often recommended after a hair transplant to strengthen the grafts but also to prevent incipient baldness.

After chemotherapy, hair mesotherapy will stimulate hair regrowth.

Any precautions to be taken?

Before treatment, a few precautions should be considered. Avoid colouring, so that the scalp is not pigmented. It is also important not to take aspirin or blood thinning treatments. It is even advisable to increase your vitamin intake to optimize the results of hair mesotherapy.

Also avoid washing your hair on the same day so that the active ingredients remain in contact with the scalp for as long as possible. In the hours that follow, it is possible to feel some itching that will fade quickly.

The fall and winter seasons are often synonymous with fatigue and sometimes even hair loss. In this case, don't panic. Sometimes all it takes is a vitamin boost to get a fresh start. To stimulate tired hair, hair mesotherapy will also be a solution to consider to stimulate and/or sublimate your dream hair!