Permanent hair removal for men at the Paris Beauty Centre

Permanent laser hair removal, the new male addiction!

Just like the women, these gentlemen are more and more adept at "hairless"! Some of them are no longer satisfied with the razor, it's bound to sting !!! Not even wax, hey hey, it hurts ! They therefore prefer a radical procedure by opting for permanent hair removal for men using the laser method. Now it's clear: hair is no longer an absolute sign of virility!

What does permanent hair removal for men consist of?

Hair removal is becoming an increasingly important part of the male beauty routine. For aesthetic or hygienic reasons, men are flocking to beauty salons or rush to the special men's packs offered in the big brands. Indeed, some are tired of their excessive hair and others can no longer tolerate razor-related skin irritations. To avoid these daily inconveniences, some men rely on laser hair removal carried out by a doctor. This is a medical procedure that is best performed once the hair system is mature, i.e. in the absence of down.

Permanent hair removal for men will destroy the hair bulb via its melanin (pigment). Indeed, the laser will diffuse a heat so that the temperature of the hair is around 70°. The hair will then be eliminated and the treated germinative zone will be sterilized. The new hair will not be able to implant itself and the skin will not suffer any lesions. This is called selective photo thermolysis. Before each session, the doctor will determine the settings of the device to adapt the action of the laser to the patient's skin. The light beams emitted will allow a very intense pulse.

Which laser hair removal areas are preferred by men?

Different parts of the face are very much in demand by the male population, here are the most frequent.

The face

This will involve removing hair from the nose, the area between the eyebrows and the beard. Indeed, the nose is difficult to reach when shaving. As for the beard, laser hair removal will enable it to be more bare and reduce the sensations of daily irritations, reduce the appearance of folliculitis linked to hair infection or avoid ingrown hairs. The beard is constantly renewing itself, it is therefore advisable to carry out laser sessions at short intervals (between 4 and 6 weeks) to eliminate as many hairs as possible during the growth phase. The treated area will not be regular after the first session but will be much more homogeneous and as the hair grows back. This area of the face remains nevertheless delicate, the application of an anaesthetic cream will reinforce your comfort.

Neck and neck

The nape of the neck and neck are often clear areas, especially for men who prefer the short cut. However, this area remains sensitive and fragile, hence the need to apply an anaesthetic cream to reduce pain. It will take 8 to 9 sessions to obtain an optimal result.

Torso and belly

As with the back, the torso and belly are often covered by thick hair that does not require special measures. As the hair cycle is slower for the torso, it will be necessary to space out the hair removal sessions (between 8 and 10 weeks) to optimize the final results. It will be a great way to highlight your muscles for the summer!

It's up to you to take advantage of the winter season to prepare your "Body summer" and increase your chances of seducing on the beach next summer!