IMAL label, a guarantee of quality at the Boulogne Billancourt beauty centre

The Aesthetic Centre, an IMAL labelled space

Confidence and professionalism. Two key words in the world of beauty care. Created in 2016, the international IMAL label is a true guarantee of quality and transparency. The Aesthetic Centre is one of the practices committed to this approach.

The IMAL label, what is it?

IMAL is an international label created in 2016. It is based on the principle of control and objective evaluation of practices. It therefore aims at the continuous improvement of these practices. Common sense requirements are set by a Steering Committee. It brings together a pool of practitioners who have long experienced a quality approach in their practice. The IMAL Quality Manual, common to all members, specifies the level of good practice required. It evolves according to regulations and practices or suggestions from members. Professional deontology, the application of legal and regulatory texts and of course patient satisfaction are essential.

The IMAL label allows practitioners performing medical acts to develop skills and to train themselves in the concept and technical acts. It also allows them to benefit from a scientific watch, to be supported and accompanied in the development of their aesthetic centre.

It is for all these reasons that the Aesthetic Centre is IMAL certified. A pledge of confidence that underlines the quality work carried out at the centre and the permanent search for the well-being of the patients.

What does the IMAL label guarantee to patients?

The IMAL label provides various guarantees to beauty centres engaged in this process. Patients can therefore benefit from a concept of aesthetic care corresponding to their expectations (facial dynamics, correction of negative expressions and absolute respect for the naturalness of the results). They benefit from a quality procedure with adapted and perfected equipment. Patients are taken care of in a personalized way. An adapted follow-up provides security, before, during and after the procedure. Indeed, they benefit from a global, medical and aesthetic care with an available and trained team. Patients evolve in an environment adapted to their needs. Finally, a certification and a commitment charter confirm patients in their approach and are based on validated processes that have proven their effectiveness.

IMAL, an ethical approach that cares for everyone

Respect for patients

First of all, it is a question of respecting the patient with rules of hygiene and asepsis. It is also a question of ensuring the quality and safety of the equipment used (traceability, sterilization process, etc...). Finally, it is essential to comply with safety regulations (electricity, fire...) by subscribing to continuous training obligations.

Compliance with prescribers

The proper transmission of information from prescribers is a fundamental aspect.

Respect for teams

Finally, the Aesthetics Centre pays particular attention to internal communication, animation messages and team motivation. Not to mention the respect of work regulations.

This quality approach is carried out with an uncompromising aim: the search for excellence in an increasingly demanding context.