removing an angioma with the V Beam laser

Angioma: a sometimes complex task 

Also known as an artificial vascular anomaly, an angioma is a skin malformation that is not always the most aesthetic. This redness with defined contours is often present from birth. The V Beam laser is a solution to eliminate this lesion, especially if it is complex.

What is an angioma?

Angiomas are benign malformations of the blood vessels in the skin. They usually appear during the first weeks of life. Their origin remains more or less unknown. And to anticipate the evolution of angiomas, a distinction must be made between hemangiomas (immature angioma) and vascular malformations (wine stain or immature angioma). It will be necessary to establish which type of angioma it is in order to choose the most suitable treatment.

In front of any angioma, it is imperative to consult a specialist to benefit from a medical follow-up, especially if it appears suddenly, if it is located on visible parts (forehead, nose, lips) or even genitals, if it changes in appearance or if the task consists of several angiomas. Depending on the location and the functional or aesthetic handicap, only the doctor will be able to choose the appropriate treatment. That is to say laser, radiotherapy, cryotherapy or sometimes surgical removal (withdrawal).

Opt for the V Beam laser!

The V Beam vascular laser will destroy the blood vessels in the dermis and eliminate all unsightly lesions (rosacea, spider veins, stretch marks...). It will be effective for very white skin. The skin regains its radiance and all imperfections disappear. In general, the appearance of most redness improves considerably within two to six weeks following treatment. Over time, some rashes may become visible, in which case they can be treated in the same way.

This treatment requires 1 to 2 sessions 6 weeks apart. And be aware that the result of the V Beam vascular laser will be progressive during the treatment period.

V beam laser for removing angiomasHow does a V Beam laser session take place?

The V Beam vascular laser will act by producing a pulse of laser light captured by the area to be treated without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Redness of the skin may appear but will fade completely a few hours after the session thanks to the application of a moisturizing cream. The V Beam laser requires the wearing of glasses to protect the eyes from light. The professional then scans the targeted area with a handpiece that emits a laser beam.

It is then forbidden to expose the treated areas to the sun for a fortnight. After the session, a bluish coloration may appear immediately in place of each targeted impact. This will turn red and then quickly disappear. Treatments on the treated areas with thermal water and soothing cream will be prescribed for 5 to 6 days.

If you have a complex angioma, do not hesitate to consult a specialist to consider a suitable aesthetic treatment.