how do you get your failed tattoo removed?

Failed tattoo: how to make this inked print disappear?

The tattoo has long been a way of showing its support for a group, community or ethnicity. Now it has become a real means of expression. It allows us to show a facet of our personality, our tastes and even to make us truly unique works of art. The rub: we are evolving! But tattoos remain engraved forever (or not!). Another concern: a failed tattoo that doesn't live up to our expectations and that's the drama !

A brand unfortunately "anchored" in the skin ... !

You've passed the milestone and your tattoo is now done! But the real problem is that it doesn't meet your request or your expectations! Error of the tattooist or disenchantment after execution of this indelible work... Many reasons can explain that the drawing on your skin is not up to scratch. Yes, you are facing a failed or sometimes outdated tattoo but don't panic. Nothing is ever definitive thanks to qualified professionals!

Remember that a tattoo is a drawing engraved on the skin that comes from an injection of inks or pigments. It remains permanently in the skin, which gives it a symbolic dimension. So nothing worse if it doesn't suit you. And sometimes, camouflaging it is no longer enough!

remove a failed tattoo in ParisTattoo failure: bet on laser tattoo removal

The solution of the laser tattoo removal intervenes in various cases: when a person wishes to remove his tattoos for professional reasons, if the tattoo evolution is unsightly or in case of errors on the tattoo ! Indeed, between the desired tattoo and the result, there can be disappointments ! We then speak about a failed tat too that we want to get rid of as soon as possible.

Laser tattoo removal exists and fortunately! First of all, the keyword will be the dialogue with the professional. Before taking such a decision, do not hesitate to talk to him about your desires and fears so that you do not regret your gesture a second time.

This technique works with short impulses that cause the pigments on your skin to break down while preserving your skin. The particles are gradually eliminated by the body cells as a result of these "shock waves". Several wavelengths exist and are specific to eliminate a tattoo ink colour.

How does a laser tattoo removal session go?

During the session, a series of impulses is accompanied by a tingling and slight burning sensation. An anaesthetic cream can be applied 1 hour before the start of the session.

At the end of the session, the laser treatment may cause a bleaching of the treated area, oedema or even small scabs. A healing cream is recommended during the days following the session. An occlusive bandage can even be applied for a few days to stimulate healing.

The number of sessions is random. It depends on the way the tattoo was done, but also on the ink used, the colours used and finally the depth and density of the pigment. The sessions are spaced from 6 weeks to two months apart to let the skin eliminate the fragments.

If you don't take responsibility for your failed tattoo, there's no point in making a complex out of it. Consult a professional to consider this solution without fear.