How to improve your aquiline nose?

Sublimate your aquiline nose with rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most difficult parts of the face for many of us to deal with. Too long, too big or asymmetrical, it can make life difficult for us. The thin and curved aquiline nose can give rise to complexes. Rhinoplasty can help to make it more attractive.


What is an aquiline nose?


In the middle of the face, the nose occupies a central position. It seems that the nose complex generally appears at the beginning of adolescence. This is the period when facial features are changing and taking shape. Some movements have even been launched on social networks to make teenagers feel less self-conscious by posting photos of their noses in profile, for example, which has been very successful.

An aquiline nose is defined by its slender shape similar to that of an eagle's beak. The nose tends to point downwards and gives a hooked appearance. Sometimes considered unsightly, it is a cause for concern for some people who consider it to be crooked or not up to current standards. The aquiline nose can therefore be difficult for some people to accept.

Aquiline nose: Medical rhinoplasty to reduce it.

Why opt for a medical rhinoplasty?


There are different techniques for nose job or appearance improvement. Those who wish to improve their nose may decide not to undergo surgery and opt for medical rhinoplasty. This less invasive technique consists of injectinghyaluronic acid or other volumising products into the nose to reshape it.

This aesthetic treatment will reduce visible defects (erase a bump, improve the profile or raise the tip of the nose). It does not interfere with internal defects (deviation of the nasal septum). The final result lasts between 12 and 16 months on average.


How is a session conducted?


First of all, the aesthetic doctor will receive you for a preliminary consultation. He will examine your nose from the front and in profile and will be able to answer your questions. At the end of this appointment, an estimate will be given to you. If the treatment plan meets your expectations, you can start with a first session.

During this session, an anaesthetic cream will be offered to you for more comfort, half an hour before the injection. The session lasts 30 minutes and is virtually painless thanks to the presence of lidocaine in the syringe of the injected product.

Before embarking on this aesthetic treatment, take some time in front of your mirror to look at your nose and analyse its potential defects. The most important thing is to do this aesthetic treatment for you. This decision should be carefully considered, but remember that this is a medical procedure, which means that nothing is final.