Lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy at the Centre Paris


The Centre offers you its lymphatic drainage sessions with the Pulstar S2.

This machine exploits the best technology in venolymphatic drainage.

The PulstarS2 is ideal for :

- Heavy, swollen, painful legs.
- Eliminate toxins
- Eliminate water retention
- Anti-stress, relaxing, soothing


Thanks to its patented valves, the system performs staggered pressure waves to stimulate and revive venous and lymphatic circulation.

The volume of each inflation cell varies according to the morphology of the treated limb.

In addition, the air passing from cell to cell has a pressure drop, which increases the pressure in the anterior cells.

It's called the physiological pressure gradient.

The main function of lymphatic drainage is to decongest the legs andhelp drainage. Cellulite is the consequence of fat stagnation and poor drainage. It is therefore easy to understand the interest of this treatment to refine the legs and improve the cellulite aspect.

This true bio-feedback is a unique system to maximize treatment. Each patient is thus treated in a unique way according to his anatomy. It is the efficiency optimized at each session.

We work in collaboration with phlebologists and nutritionists. Depending on the extent of your venous insufficiency, it is sometimes advisable to complete the treatment with support stockings or tights.

pressotherapy lymphatic drainage

Certain professions greatly appreciate pressotherapy care such as flight attendants, extended standing trades, underfloor heating environments ...

The course of the session:

  • First, you'll be lying on a comfortable examination table. In order to keep absolute hygiene during the treatment, you will be provided with disposable under-boots.
  • Then, according to your tolerance, we will increase the power of the machine.
  • The treatment lasts 35 minutes. It is a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

The right rhythm for optimal efficiency is two sessions per week.



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