Aesthetic Gynecology: vaginal rejuvenation

Aesthetic gynaecology thanks to hyaluronic acid at the Boulogne BIllancourt Aesthetic Centre


Aesthetic gynaecology has been providing solutions to gynaecological problems for several years.

The use of hyaluronic acid on the face has proven its moisturizing and tissue-replenishing virtues. Based on this observation, hyaluronic acid has extended its action on vaginal tissues.

The indications of which are:

- vaginal rejuvenation

- the rebalancing of intimate disorders

- intimate dryness

- chronic irritations

- vaginal discomfort

Moreover, with the approach of menopause, following childbirth, surgery or over the years, dryness of the vaginal mucous membranes, loss of elasticity and a decrease in trophicity may appear. All these phenomena lead to physical or psychological discomforts, irritations, genes, and pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia) that can affect the life of the couple.
In this context, aesthetic gynecology treats these problems.

For a long time considered taboo, we now speak freely about these intimate problems, because today there are treatments with safe products and doctors trained in gynaecological aesthetics. The latest studies place this problem in more than one out of six women.


The injections of Desirial, a hyaluronic acid specifically dedicated to this area, allows to:


- Give volume to the labia majora (to close and protect the opening of the vagina, and restore the aesthetic aspect).

- Ensure local hydration of the skin and mucous membranes (to alleviate vaginal dryness).

- Stimulate the production of collagen in the mucosa, which becomes thicker and more resistant.

- Treating sexual dysfunctions related to a weakening of the "G" point ("Grafenberg" point)

- Treat scars of the intimate sphere (relieve pain of episiotomy flange or postpartum vaginal fissure)


The duration of the treatment is 30 minutes, under local anaesthesia, for a duration of 6 to 12 months.


Aesthetic gynecology treatment is provided by Dr. Alienor Descuns in our clinic.

The check-up is carried out in an intimate and medical setting. Don't be afraid to talk about it anymore.

Consultation with assessment and gynaecological examination and estimate: 50 €.

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