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Miradry: Sometimes disabling, sometimes unsightly, excessive sweating (or hyperhidrosis) is a phenomenon that has never appealed to anyone.

It is considered that 1 in 5 people suffer from sweating. The body has between 2 to 4 million sweat glands and only 2% are located in the armpits. Their elimination will in no way promote perspiration on the rest of the body.

It is now estimated that 5 to 9% of the population suffering from hyperhidrosis

So there is an answer to this problem: The MIRADRY® technique.
More than 40,000 treatments have already been carried out worldwide.


It consists of destroying the sweat glands located superficially under the skin. The technique used is that of ultrasound.
The Miradry® therefore acts both on perspiration and on the odours inherent in this phenomenon.
There is no danger on the elements surrounding the armpits (chest, lymph nodes, etc.).

The applicator on your armpits heats the sweat glands up to 60° (temperature at which the sweat glands are destroyed without damaging the skin surface).

This technique has obtained medical CE and is therefore FDA approved.

Explanatory diagram of how miradry works

For whom?

  • Athletes: their perspiration is natural but the smell is quickly unpleasant.
  • The men who wear shirts every day and are therefore embarrassed by the halos as soon as they leave their jackets.
  • Women for their hygiene and comfort.
  • For those suffering from the pathology of hyperhidrosis.
  • and for those who want to have the pleasure of not worrying about their sweat.

Sessions: In more than 80% of patients, a single session is sufficient, for the remaining 20%, a second session may be necessary.

By whom are the sessions practiced?

The sessions for the treatment of perspiration are exclusively carried out by doctors.


Duration of Miradry's session?

The session lasts between 1h15 and 2 hours depending on the amount of perspiration. First of all, the session begins with the anaesthetic phase and then an applicator will then move over the entire length of the armpits and gradually destroy the glands responsible for hypersweating.
No treatment is necessary after the treatment.


Is it painful?

A local anaesthetic is administered before the ultrasound is applied, making the treatment more pleasant.


Preparing for the Miradry session

Hairs should be shaved 3 to 4 days before the session. It is important to know that while the sweat glands will be eliminated, almost 70% of the hair will disappear at the end of the Miradry® session.


The Suites

Side effects are extremely rare. There may be a small hypersensitivity and therefore local swelling (linked to the anaesthesia which is gradually evacuated).
The results are seen from the first weeks after treatment.
There is a significant reduction of 82% on average in armpit perspiration and 80 to 90% reduction in odour.

Miradry hyperhidrosis treatment
Efficacy of Miradry hyperhidrosis treatment

Is it a safe technique? : We have more than 5 years of hindsight on the technique. The technique is American with an FDA guarantee.
The latest American studies communicate the following results: 82% reduction in perspiration and therefore 90% satisfaction rate. The satisfaction rate has been evaluated at 2 years after treatment. More than 40,000 treatments have been performed worldwide to date.

A fundamental question: Are these sweat glands fundamental to the management of perspiration?
Sweating occurs all over the body (including the scalp), only 2% of perspiration is managed by the sweat glands in the armpits. There is therefore no risk of increased sweating on other parts of the body.

Fee: 2400 € per session.
The treatment may require a 2nd session which is charged at 1200 €.

Duration of the session: 1h30 to 2 hours

With the Miradry Hyperhidrosis treatment, perspiration will no longer be an obstacle to your well-being and peace of mind.


Some explanations in video:

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