Men's figure treatments


Men's figure treatment


A page specially dedicated to the treatment of men's figure treatments. A preliminary assessment is proposed to every patient in order to agree on the treatment best suited to your request and indication.


The Lipocryolysis is a new slimming technology. It allows fat tissue to be reduced selectively and non-invasively. It works by the application of a transducer, on the chosen area, which combines both vacuum to capture the fat tissue and selective cryotechnology to cool it down.
The fat cells (adipocytes) found in the subdermal tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids. They are therefore particularly sensitive to cold. On the contrary, neighbouring elements such as blood vessels, the peripheral nervous system and low-fat cells are comparatively much less sensitive. This characteristic allows the natural degradation of adipocytes without damaging adjacent tissues.

Lipocryotherapy - Lipocrontrast is particularly indicated for localized adiposity, not generalized as on the belly and love handles.


250 € the first zone, 200 € the 2nd zone


Men, with age or due to a lack of a rich diet, store in specific areas of the body, even with a good metabolism.

The secret of lipomassage is at the heart of the adipocyte.

L’Endermologie (lipomassage), for over 20 years, has never stopped evolving. The advances in LPG's flagship technique are the result, of course, of the technological progress of the Cellu M6 (now 7th generation), but also of changes in treatment protocols. The latter are directly linked to the results of numerous scientific and clinical research conducted throughout the world. According to a recent study, it has been shown that mechanical massage with the Cellu M6 Keymodule activates lipolysis.

By stimulating adipose tissue, the ß receptors (responsible for destocking) thus become sensitive to the neuro-hormonal adrenergic messages transmitted by the LPG motorized palpating-rolling machine (Roll'In, especially). These conclusions have contributed to the development of a new methodology which, according to clinical observations, makes it possible to obtain results as early as the 6th session, including on resistant fats: this is the Lipomassage

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Men's figure treatments

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