Macroscopic analysis of your skin


IOMA Sphere provides you with an instant “photograph” of your skin. Five different photos reveal your skin’s imperfections that are often invisible to the naked eye.

Thanks to these pictures, IOMA Sphere measures the condition of your skin (below the dermis) and enables you to see the difference before and after treatment.

Your complete skin diagnosis takes less than two minutes. Using the summary sheet provided, you will be able to measure your skin’s progress on a regular basis and check the effectiveness of your IOMA beauty treatment point by point.

Le Centre offers you a free diagnosis by appointment.


  1. Natural look for Picture 1
  2. Skin texture (wrinkles, fine lines, firmness) for Picture 2
  3. Redness for Picture 3
  4. Picture 4: UV damage, pigment spots
  5. Picture 5: Bacterial activity and clogged pores