Special Men Body Care

Lipocryotherapy – Lipocontrast

Lipocryolyse is a new men body care, a new weight loss technology that selectively and non-invasively reduces fatty tissue. The treatment involves applying a transducer to the selected area, which combines both the vacuum for catching the fatty tissue and selective cryotechnology for cooling.
The fat cells (adipocytes) found in subcutaneous tissue are rich in saturated fatty acids, which make them particularly sensitive to cold temperatures; unlike neighbouring elements such as blood vessels and cells low in fat that are much less sensitive to cold. This feature enables the natural break down of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue.


LipoCryotherapy – Lipocontrast Lipocontrast is particularly appropriate for localised fatty tissue on the stomach and problem areas around the hips.

A video explaining the technique:

Reportage France 2 sur la Lipocryolyse:

FEES : 200€ la zone, 150 € la 2e zone


Even with a good metabolism, men, with age or very rich diets, store fat in specific areas of the body.

Lipomassage focuses on these fat cells

LPG Endermologie (lipomassage) has been constantly evolving for over 20 years. Advanced LPG technology is the result of improvements made in Cellu M6 devices and treatment protocols. These changes are directly linked to the outcome of scientific and clinical research conducted worldwide. A recent study has demonstrated that mechanical massage therapy practiced by Keymodule Cellu M6 triggers lipolysis.

By stimulating fatty tissues, beta-receptors (responsible for eliminating fatty tissue) become sensitive to adrenergic neurohormonal messages transmitted by power-driven LPG rolling massagers (for example, Roll’In). These findings have contributed to the development of a new method that provides results starting from the 6th session, according to clinical observations, even when working with stubborn fat. This new technique is Lipomassage