Chemical peels consist of applying a special solution to the skin causing a controlled slightly irritating “sunburn-like” desquamation (skin peeling). This helps to renew the skin. We then create a “new skin” by lightly or heavily peeling off the top layers according to the type of skin and expected results.

Chemical peels help soften scars due to acne, brighten your complexion, tighten pores, eliminate or reduce dark spots, smooth fine lines and repair grey skin due to years of smoking. They thus provide your skin with a remarkable glow. According your type of skin, the concentration of products used and your desired results, the physician controls how much skin needs to be peeled.

You will experience a moderate and brief feeling of heat and some redness may occur. What happens after the treatment is simple:
Desquamation (skin peeling) lasts 5 to 15 days (depending on the extent of the chemical peel).

Desquamation is gradual. Peeling can be hidden by applying a moisturizer and/or foundation. Sunscreen should be worn for 2 months after treatment.

The session lasts 20 minutes. A maximum of 1 to 2 sessions per year

FEES: €140



Spot Peel – Depigmentation Peels


A depigmentation peel is a method for treating pigmentation marks, brown spots during pregnancy or melasma. It is also proven to enhance radiance of the complexion and gradually reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Description of the session

A session generally lasts 15-30 minutes and involves several steps. First, your skin is cleansed with a cleanser. Then, a chemical keratolytic peel is applied all over your face. A Spot Peel mask is then repeatedly applied, especially on the most pigmented areas. You will return home with the mask, however, no one will notice it because it is invisible. Rinse to remove it 8 hours later.

The spots will gradually fade and your skin will become smooth and radiant. You must apply the Spot Cream every night for 1 month in order to maintain and enhance results.

Because it is a medium facial peel, you must use a repair cream and protective sunscreen after treatment.

FEES: 300 € (included depigment cream)

Video explaining the course of a SPOT PEEL